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4 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, BEAK

bake 10 beak 10

3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, BEAK

ake 7 kab 9 kae 7 kea 7 keb 9

2 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, BEAK

ab 4 ae 2 ba 4 be 4 ea 2 ka 6

Definition of BEAK

  • Beak - A beam, shod or armed at the end with a metal head or point, and projecting from the prow of an ancient galley, in order to pierce the vessel of an enemy; a beakhead.
  • Beak - A continuous slight projection ending in an arris or narrow fillet; that part of a drip from which the water is thrown off.
  • Beak - A magistrate or policeman.
  • Beak - A similar bill in other animals, as the turtles.
  • Beak - A toe clip. See Clip, n. (Far.).
  • Beak - Any process somewhat like the beak of a bird, terminating the fruit or other parts of a plant.
  • Beak - Anything projecting or ending in a point, like a beak, as a promontory of land.
  • Beak - That part of a ship, before the forecastle, which is fastened to the stem, and supported by the main knee.
  • Beak - The bill or nib of a bird, consisting of a horny sheath, covering the jaws. The form varied much according to the food and habits of the bird, and is largely used in the classification of birds.
  • Beak - The long projecting sucking mouth of some insects, and other invertebrates, as in the Hemiptera.
  • Beak - The prolongation of certain univalve shells containing the canal.
  • Beak - The upper or projecting part of the shell, near the hinge of a bivalve.