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Definition of BOIL

  • Boil - A hard, painful, inflamed tumor, which, on suppuration, discharges pus, mixed with blood, and discloses a small fibrous mass of dead tissue, called the core.
  • Boil - Act or state of boiling.
  • Boil - To be agitated like boiling water, by any other cause than heat; to bubble; to effervesce; as, the boiling waves.
  • Boil - To be agitated, or tumultuously moved, as a liquid by the generation and rising of bubbles of steam (or vapor), or of currents produced by heating it to the boiling point; to be in a state of ebullition; as, the water boils.
  • Boil - To be in boiling water, as in cooking; as, the potatoes are boiling.
  • Boil - To be moved or excited with passion; to be hot or fervid; as, his blood boils with anger.
  • Boil - To pass from a liquid to an aeriform state or vapor when heated; as, the water boils away.
  • Boil - To form, or separate, by boiling or evaporation; as, to boil sugar or salt.
  • Boil - To heat to the boiling point, or so as to cause ebullition; as, to boil water.
  • Boil - To steep or soak in warm water.
  • Boil - To subject to the action of heat in a boiling liquid so as to produce some specific effect, as cooking, cleansing, etc.; as, to boil meat; to boil clothes.