Unscramble LOOK - Jumble Word

By unscrambling these letters, LOOK. Our jumble solver found 6 words in LOOK

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4 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, LOOK

kolo 8 look 8

3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, LOOK

loo 3

2 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, LOOK

ko 6 lo 2 oo 2

Definition of LOOK

  • Look - Expression of the eyes and face; manner; as, a proud or defiant look.
  • Look - Hence; Appearance; aspect; as, the house has a gloomy look; the affair has a bad look.
  • Look - The act of looking; a glance; a sight; a view; -- often in certain phrases; as, to have, get, take, throw, or cast, a look.
  • Look - In the imperative: see; behold; take notice; take care; observe; -- used to call attention.
  • Look - To await the appearance of anything; to expect; to anticipate.
  • Look - To direct the attention (to something); to consider; to examine; as, to look at an action.
  • Look - To direct the eyes for the purpose of seeing something; to direct the eyes toward an object; to observe with the eyes while keeping them directed; -- with various prepositions, often in a special or figurative sense. See Phrases below.
  • Look - To have a particular direction or situation; to face; to front.
  • Look - To seem; to appear; to have a particular appearance; as, the patient looks better; the clouds look rainy.
  • Look - To show one's self in looking, as by leaning out of a window; as, look out of the window while I speak to you. Sometimes used figuratively.
  • Look - To expect.
  • Look - To express or manifest by a look.
  • Look - To influence, overawe, or subdue by looks or presence as, to look down opposition.
  • Look - To look at; to turn the eyes toward.
  • Look - To seek; to search for.