Unscramble MOW - Jumble Word

By unscrambling these letters, MOW. Our jumble solver found 5 words in MOW

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3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, MOW

mow 8

2 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, MOW

mo 4 om 4 ow 5 wo 5

Definition of MOW

  • Mow - A heap or mass of hay or of sheaves of grain stowed in a barn.
  • Mow - A wry face.
  • Mow - Same as Mew, a gull.
  • Mow - The place in a barn where hay or grain in the sheaf is stowed.
  • Mow - of Mow
  • Mow - May; can.
  • Mow - To cut grass, etc., with a scythe, or with a machine; to cut grass for hay.
  • Mow - To make mouths.
  • Mow - To cut down, as grass, with a scythe or machine.
  • Mow - To cut down; to cause to fall in rows or masses, as in mowing grass; -- with down; as, a discharge of grapeshot mows down whole ranks of men.
  • Mow - To cut the grass from; as, to mow a meadow.
  • Mow - To lay, as hay or sheaves of grain, in a heap or mass in a barn; to pile and stow away.