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Definition of SALUTE

  • Salute - A sign, token, or ceremony, expressing good will, compliment, or respect, as a kiss, a bow, etc.
  • Salute - A token of respect or honor for some distinguished or official personage, for a foreign vessel or flag, or for some festival or event, as by presenting arms, by a discharge of cannon, volleys of small arms, dipping the colors or the topsails, etc.
  • Salute - The act of saluting, or expressing kind wishes or respect; salutation; greeting.
  • Salute - Hence, to give a sign of good will; to compliment by an act or ceremony, as a kiss, a bow, etc.
  • Salute - To address, as with expressions of kind wishes and courtesy; to greet; to hail.
  • Salute - To honor, as some day, person, or nation, by a discharge of cannon or small arms, by dipping colors, by cheers, etc.
  • Salute - To promote the welfare and safety of; to benefit; to gratify.