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5 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, TREAT

arett 5 tater 5 tetra 5 treat 5

4 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, TREAT

aret 4 etat 4 rate 4 tare 4 tart 4 tate 4 tear 4 teat 4 trat 4 tret 4

3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, TREAT

are 3 art 3 ate 3 att 3 ear 3 eat 3 era 3 eta 3 rat 3 ret 3 tae 3 tar 3 tat 3 tea 3 tet 3

2 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, TREAT

ae 2 ar 2 at 2 ea 2 er 2 et 2 re 2 ta 2 te 2

Definition of TREAT

  • Treat - A parley; a conference.
  • Treat - An entertainment given as an expression of regard.
  • Treat - That which affords entertainment; a gratification; a satisfaction; as, the concert was a rich treat.
  • Treat - To discourse; to handle a subject in writing or speaking; to make discussion; -- usually with of; as, Cicero treats of old age and of duties.
  • Treat - To give a gratuitous entertainment, esp. of food or drink, as a compliment.
  • Treat - To negotiate; to come to terms of accommodation; -- often followed by with; as, envoys were appointed to treat with France.
  • Treat - To care for medicinally or surgically; to manage in the use of remedies or appliances; as, to treat a disease, a wound, or a patient.
  • Treat - To discourse on; to handle in a particular manner, in writing or speaking; as, to treat a subject diffusely.
  • Treat - To entertain with food or drink, especially the latter, as a compliment, or as an expression of friendship or regard; as, to treat the whole company.
  • Treat - To entreat; to beseech.
  • Treat - To handle; to manage; to use; to bear one's self toward; as, to treat prisoners cruelly; to treat children kindly.
  • Treat - To negotiate; to settle; to make terms for.
  • Treat - To subject to some action; to apply something to; as, to treat a substance with sulphuric acid.