Unscramble WEST - Jumble Word

By unscrambling these letters, WEST. Our jumble solver found 17 words in WEST

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4 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, WEST

ewts 7 stew 7 tews 7 west 7 wets 7

3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, WEST

est 3 ewt 6 set 3 sew 6 tes 3 tew 6 wet 6

2 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, WEST

es 2 et 2 st 2 te 2 we 5

Definition of WEST

  • West - Lying toward the west; situated at the west, or in a western direction from the point of observation or reckoning; proceeding toward the west, or coming from the west; as, a west course is one toward the west; an east and west line; a west wind blows from the west.
  • West - Westward.
  • West - A country, or region of country, which, with regard to some other country or region, is situated in the direction toward the west.
  • West - Formerly, that part of the United States west of the Alleghany mountains; now, commonly, the whole region west of the Mississippi river; esp., that part which is north of the Indian Territory, New Mexico, etc. Usually with the definite article.
  • West - The point in the heavens where the sun is seen to set at the equinox; or, the corresponding point on the earth; that one of the four cardinal points of the compass which is in a direction at right angles to that of north and south, and on the left hand of a person facing north; the point directly opposite to east.
  • West - The Westen hemisphere, or the New World so called, it having been discovered by sailing westward from Europe; the Occident.
  • West - To pass to the west; to set, as the sun.
  • West - To turn or move toward the west; to veer from the north or south toward the west.