Unscramble WRY - Jumble Word

By unscrambling these letters, WRY. Our jumble solver found 1 words in WRY

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3 letter answers made by unscrambling jumble word, WRY

wry 9

Definition of WRY

  • Wry - To twist; to distort; to writhe; to wrest; to vex.
  • Wry - Hence, deviating from the right direction; misdirected; out of place; as, wry words.
  • Wry - Turned to one side; twisted; distorted; as, a wry mouth.
  • Wry - Wrested; perverted.
  • Wry - To deviate from the right way; to go away or astray; to turn side; to swerve.
  • Wry - To twist; to writhe; to bend or wind.
  • Wry - To cover.